Roadmap To Financial Success

Set of FREE 7 Weekend Financial Challenges that will

get started on the path to  financial freedom 

The roadmap to financial success has been put together as a set of 7-weekend challenges to help you get started with your personal finance a makeover!!!


This complete guide is designed to get you on the path to financial success by taking actionable, easy to follow steps towards living a plentiful life.


You may have downloaded the individual worksheets in the past. However, due to popular demand, we have compiled the challenges into one document.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Who is the Financial Weekend Challenge for? 

Whether You were you born with a silver spoon in your mouth and have money but can't manage it, living below the breadline and don't have any money to manage, but want to prepare yourself for when money starts flowing in? 


Or are you like me (2 years ago) living pay-day to pay-day and can't seem to stop overspending and drowning in credit card debt? Financial independence is possible!​


If you answered yes to any of the above, then our FREE Finance Weekend Challenges will be great for you.  Although we advise that you take the challenge in chronological order, You can go at your own pace and start where you feel most comfortable. 


​Why weekends?​

With work, family, life, most people complain that they are too busy to improve their financial habits. So with you in mind, the weekend challenges will help you make progress by investing a few hours at the weekend to take key action towards your money goals.​​

​​What if it takes me longer: Which Challenge should I start with?


​Some of these challenges may take longer than the weekend depending on how much work is required to be completed. But we encourage you to start and finish each challenge before moving to the next to in order to increase your success rate. 


​Did I forget to say that all the challenges are completely FREE? All you have to do signup below to receive the FREE download. 


"I used the principles within these challenges to double my income in 4 months, pay off £18,000 of debt in 22 months and build my emergency fund"

Esther xx

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