Firstly, congratulations on getting into University. Well done! Be proud. It’s a big thing!


Secondly, I want you to win as a student. My purpose for creating this pack is to give you some guidance on how you can succeed as a student, the tools in this book are tools I have shared with my younger siblings who did a lot better than me in managing their finances as students.


Thirdly, this stuff works - but you first have to decide ‘I Ain't About That Broke Student Life!'. You then have to implement what is in this pack. Do your monthly and weekly budget, take on the monthly challenges, pay yourself first, deposit money into your emergency savings. Applying these Boss Of My Money (BOMM) principles to managing your finances will make you an exception.


Included in this guide are...

  1. A complete budgeting guide (secrets to budgeting as a student)
  2. 12 months budgeting template that teaches you to Pay Yourself First with your student loan money
  3. An emergency fund challenge and tracker (3 ways to save £780 in 12 months with your student loan money)
  4. Student annual financial report tracker 
  5. 30 Tips on budgeting like a boss 
  6. 12 months of money challenges to keep you winning with your goals 
  7. How to save money on food shopping 
  8. List of must-have shopping items 


University is supposed to be a fun time. With this budgeting guide, you get to learn practical ways to have your cake and eat it too!!! 


With this guide you can automatically opt out of the 'broke student' club!

Student Guide To Budgeting +worksheets

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