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How to spend consciously: 
without depriving yourself

If I told you, you could sort out your finances, fine-tune your budget and no longer feel overwhelmed about money,
would you take action today?

Create a budget that suits your lifestyle but doesn't derail your financial goals 

Are you are living payday to payday or desperate to do more with your money?

If yes, then this Budgeting Masterclass could not have come at a better time!

Our real-time, personalised budget is perfect for beginner and veteran budgeters who want to save money, get out of debt and take back control to improve your financial situation?

The Budgeting Masterclass far exceeds any Youtube video or blog about budgeting. WHY?

Because We take the pain out of Budgeting and do it for you!

helping you create a budget that actually works,

and is unique to you and your financial goals

What's your story?

Most of us were not taught financial literacy. But when you are in your 20s, 30 or 40s and living payday to payday that excuse is no longer viable. In today's uncertain economy there is no better time to become financially savvy than now! How you manage your finance now is how you will manage your finances always! Your money situation will not change until you do! Let's fix that!

Credit card debts, payday loans, Overdraft, no savings and fear of the future seem to be most people's norm! Well, it doesn't have to be yours. It's time you broke the mould. 

How many times have you wanted someone to look at your budget and help you make it work? A typical person earning above the minimum wage, has money but feels stuck and not sure how to how to get unstuck! Our Jargon-free, realistic Budgeting Masterclass method will help you get rid of debt, save more and create a plan for the future. You will be more motivated after the masterclass to go beyond and continue working on your financial goals.

This Budgeting Masterclass is perfect for anyone who wants to stay on top of their bills,

track expenses, see everything in a glance and get your budget to work so that you can achieve your financial goals. 

What does financial freedom mean to you? 

Although, financial freedom will mean different things to different people, for most of us financial freedom is to HAVE wealth and NOT just look like we have wealth. It's not that we don't have good jobs and have money coming in- It's that we have no idea where our money is going.  Financial freedom for you may be to start knowing where your money is going, save more, become debt-free, start investing intelligently for the future, or leave a legacy for your children. Whatever goal you have, you can see that become a reality when you attend this one time 1-2-1 Budgeting Masterclass.

For the financial freedom, you want

A small investment goes a long way


You don't need new information about how to budget, you just need an expert budgeter to help you create one that will actually work and suits your needs and get the results you need with your money. 

Budgeting is supposed to help you enjoy the things you like to enjoy without derailing your current and future financial goals. 

Budgeting the right way will help you cut expenses, track spending, save more, become debt-free, minimise detrimental money mistakes, make better choices and plan for future goals

Budgeting is supposed to help you keep track of your expenses as well as help you plan for future goals

Budgeting will help you learn about yourself and keep you motivated on your journey to financial success

It's time for a change when living a lavash life begins to catch up with you

No more playing hide and seek with your money. Even if you are earning a modest salary, our budget method will show you how to find money in your money.

Our clients are able to save more, spend less, live within their means and enjoy life on their terms immediately after attending our budgeting masterclass

Why not experience it for yourself!


This fun and affordable Masterclass will give your spirit a lift if you are feeling discouraged about your finances.  Just tell us when you want to attend and we will take care of the rest!

It's hard to find an affordable financial coach who customises your budget conveniently online on the same day! But today is your lucky day as you've found us!




I appreciated Esther's flexibility in providing me with a one-to-one session as I couldn't make the dates for the group sessions. The in-depth one-to-one support was really worth it as it can be difficult to come up with a budget plan on your own given the vast info out there that may not be relevant to your personal situation. I would definitely recommend!

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Boss Of My Money has really helped me get my finances in check. Esther began by helping me to understand where I'm not managing my money well and then she helped me to create a practical and realistic budget and structure around my finances. Thank you!

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Thank you so much for an amazing experience, for giving me space where I can be vulnerable about my finances & goals as well as a detailed plan about how to achieve those goals. After the course, I've definitely been putting my money to work!

If there is one thing you will get from this masterclass is that it will walk away valuing your money a whole lot more! You will have more than just motivation not to spend frivolously and save more all guilt-free!


The Budgeting Masterclass will give you practical, straight forward and no-nonsense tips to get ahead and make up for those lost years!

Feel right at home with our zoom meeting, you will be so comfortable you'll forget we are even talking about money 

Image of what session will look like- Zoom call - 

The one-time budget Masterclass that will change the way you look at your finances forever

During the session you will:

Become your own Financial Adviser with Boss Of My Money

Who is this for …


The Boss Of My Money Masterclass is ONLY for people who: 


1) Play full out 


2) Willing to be coached 


3) Are committed to the journey to build real and long-lasting wealth.


 4) Willing to make short term sacrifices for long term gains.


If you can effortlessly do these four things, this will be a perfect fit for you!


Who is this not for …..

The Boss Of My Money Masterclass is NOT for people:


1) Looking for a 'Get Rich Quick' scheme. 

2) Who can't commit to a 3hour deep dive zoom call (with 15mins break)

3) Not serious about improving their money behaviour


Please go somewhere else!

This Mastermind is ideal for people who have failed at budgeting, hate budgeting or already budget but would like to get practical tips on how to improve their budget!


What’s included:

1 Learn the number one rule of financial freedom.

Most people never take action to change their financial circumstance because they feel it's complicated or they lack the information to do so. Well, Esther makes it easy for you by telling you exactly what you need to do to get the results you need to improve your finances. 

2 Personalised Budgeting

Because one size doesn't fit all, Esther will give you time during the session to complete a personalised budget and work with you step by step to make it simple and workable.

3 Success plan: At the end of the Mastermind you will have a success plan, specific to your money challenges, goals and situation that will allow you to have continuous success with your budget years after attending this session!


4 Breakthrough

Esther believes that no matter how long you have managed your finances poorly, you can change this within a short period of time with this Mastermind.


5 Money Mastery from someone who is just like you!

One of the reasons Esther is a success with financial coaching is that she has walked in the shoes of her clients, and understands their struggle with changing habits and maintaining discipline.


6 Proximity to a financial coach who teaches you how to become your own financial adviser!

The best way to manage your finance is to manage it yourself. Esther is about helping people to become their own financial adviser by teaching them financial principles which were not taught in school or at home!


After this one-time Budgeting Masterclass, you will have the confidence to account for every penny without the guilt and shame that comes with poor financial management 

Take action…..


Most people coast with their finances. They want to stop living payday to payday but seem to feel stuck and can never get their budget to work. If that's you and you are ready for a financial makeover, then we've got you!

Even if you are terrible with money, never budgeted before or budgeting has never worked for you in the past, The Budgeting Masterclass will give you the best foundation to start budgeting like a pro.


Our budgeting model is fun, simple and will help you get organised, create achievable financial goals and finally get your money to work for you. Attending the Budgeting Masterclass is the smartest choice you'll ever make.

A comfortable fit for any budget! You get so much for so little! Attend the Budgeting Masterclass to get your unique budget designed especially for you

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The Budgeting Masterclass is a great alternative to hiring an expensive financial adviser, a more practical choice than watching endless youtube videos and reading blog posts about budgeting. If you had to choose one this would be it!

Budgeting Masterclass 

Couples are welcome!

Esther Doubled her income, paid off £18, 000 worth of debts in 22 months, is building her 6 months emergency fund, started investing and getting ready to buy her first home.

Now it's your turn!


How it all works!


Book a 


Pick a date and time that works best for you. You will receiev a Zoom link with instructions on how to join and prepare for the Masterclass

Young Designer

Complete an expense list 

The only bit of work required is completing an expense list prior to the Budgeting Masterclass. You will get an email on how to do this.

Online Class

Budgeting Masterclass day

 All you need is a phone or laptop (preffered) and yourself. We will work through your goals, create you a budget and a budgeting success plan!

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