Investing for teenagers

May 05, 2020
If you are like me, in your late 30s and wish you started investing early, then join me in the 'regret club'. Since I didn't have anyone advise me fifteen years ago about the importance of starting early with investing, I might as well see how many young people I can encourage to do this now.
Today, I caught up with Investing for teens, who is a teenager from New Zealand who has started to invest early and is inspiring other young people to start investing early.
In this interview we discuss:
00:00 Why this interview is so close to my heart?
02.43 Who is investing for teenagers?
04.12 Why Investing for teens is thinking about the future so early on
05:07 How financial literacy taught by parents can go a long way
07:40 Why should young people think about investing?
10:28 Look at the three possible scenarios of young people and how they can start investing regardless of their circumstances
10:51 Scenario 1: Teenager living at home, in school with no income what can they do to plan for the future?
13:40 Scenario 2: Teenager living at home, in school and working part-time what can they do to plan for the future?
17:57 Scenario 3: Teenager living at home and working full time
19:09 Types of investments
21:03 What Esther would tell her younger self about investing
As someone who started investing just 5 weeks ago, when the stock market crashed due to COVID 19 pandemic, I wish I started early. It was so easy to do and It cost very little. Now that I am debt-free, as soon as I reach my 6 months emergency fund I definitely hope to start investing more and diversifying my investment portfolio.
In closing, if you're an adult who looks after a young person, educate and support them to start investing early. If you are a teenager, a young person or an oldie like me- START NOW!


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