Boxing Day sale: 10 shopping tips to save you money

boxing day shopping budget christmas sale Dec 26, 2020
Boxing Day sale 10 shopping tip to save money

Holiday cheer!

Hope you are having a lovely Christmas and the Turkey came out well. 

 The beautiful thing about Christmas is that it’s a season where a variety of events takes place one after the other. 

For example, food, spending time with family, giving and receiving gifts, taking time off work and shopping. 

Once Christmas Day has come and gone we have the Boxing Day Sale to look forward to. 

This is a day of bargains, and it doesn’t end there. We also have the January Sale where the High Street stores slash prices in half to kick-start us into the New Year. 

The purpose of this article is not to stop you from shopping in the sale. 

Buying in the Sale when you plan it well is a great way to save money. 

So if you do decide to go online or to the streets at 4 am Boxing Day morning, use these tips. 

These should at least help you make the most of the Winter Sale and to not go bankrupt just before the New Year.


Boxing Day Shopping Tips 

1 Getting ready for the sale:
Take out the stress from shopping. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, have breakfast and leave the kids at home. If you are frustrated you will end up spending more.


2 Don’t panic or get stressed out: Remember Boxing Day Sale is not a one-day event. It usually starts around 26th December and will generally last until Early January. So if you can't go shopping tomorrow, you have plenty of time in which to do so. 


3 Shop with a goal in mind: Quickly go through your belongings and see what it is that you need. What items are pressing and needs replacing? Kitchenware? Work clothes? Kids winter clothes? Or clothing for a holiday that’s booked for the summer. 


4 Don’t feel as if you are missing out: An article in the Which magazine concluded that 96% of items on sale can be purchased at the same sale price or lower at various times within the year. 


5  Check stock availability: Knowing which stores will have the items you need will help you to shop with a goal in mind. This saves you plenty of time and gets rid of the temptation that comes from store hopping. By shopping online, you can also compare store prices. 


6 Shop online- Shopping online during the sale can be better as you can quickly look for your size and what colours are available. You can then add an item to your basket and still have time before your purchase to remove it from your basket. 


7 Plan your Journey: Check what time the stores are opening.  Plan your journey in advance as public transport is limited on Boxing Days.

 8 Stick to your budget: A great way to do this if you intend to shop in the stores is to go cardless.  Decide on a budget before you head out and take with you the exact amount in cash. Leave all debit and credit cards at home. If you are shopping online move the exact amount you have to spend into separate account/card or put a spending limit on the card you are using. This will help you stick to your budget. 


9 Think twice about buying that: Just because it’s 60% off doesn't mean the outfit will look better on you now than it did when it was full price. Don’t get carried away just because the item is on sale. If it were ugly at full price, I would still look ugly with a discount. 


10 And finally- Find out what the return policy is and keep all your receipts: Understand what the return policy is on the items you have purchased. 


It’s a Wrap

During the Boxing Day and January Sales, I have purchased some of my long-lasting clothing for myself and my husband. 

I have also bought what would have been expensive late Christmas Gifts on sale. 

The aim is not to avoid shopping altogether but to apply wisdom and then some. 

Don’t get carried away and don’t worry if you’re unable to shop during this sale period, there will be a next one. 

Small drops of water make a mighty ocean

In fact, start preparing for 2021 Boxing Day and January Sale. Stash some cash away into a ‘Boxing day and January Sale Savings Pot’ for 2021.  

Put aside 5% of your income into this pot every month for 12 months and you will be laughing come next year!!!



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