Debt-Free Christmas


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Avoid credit card debt this Christmas! Celebrate Christmas stress-free, debt-free and on your terms. Join the waitlist!


It's time you enter 2021 with money in your bank (not overdraft money, or credit card money, but YOUR money).


By the new year, you will have the confidence, will-power and drive to break free from living payday to payday and set yourself free from that vicious debt cycle, especially around Christmas time.


You will have savings for your Christmas shopping, organised shopping list and the peace you need around the Holidays!

Your Debt-Free Christmas Challenge Digital Bundle will include.

  • Christmas Savings Trackers

  • Christmas Cash envelopes

  • Christmas Shopping list

  • Christmas Budget sheet 

  • My secret Budgeting Guide

+Bonus Resources (I like surprises)

  • No spend Challenge worksheet 

  • Meal planning worksheet

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