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Hi, I'm Esther! I help women to smash their financial goals by showing them how to create a budget they love and can stick to! 

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Managing your finances is so much easier when you have clarity on your financial documents, bank accounts and net worth.

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I share bit size financial tips and personal stories as it relates to spending, budgeting, saving, investing, relationships, mindset and more- without the fluff! 

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What People Are Saying About Boss Of My Money


I want to say how grateful I am for Esther. She has taught me and showed how budgeting can be fun, and not stressful. Her system is the best one I've seen and believe me when I say I tried too many. I highly recommend her services, she is one of the best!


Esther is very knowledgeable and passionate about budgeting and debt payoff. She is able to simplify these financial topics and shares information in a way that is relatable and motivating!


Thank you so much for an amazing experience, for giving me the space where I can be vulnerable about my finances & goals as well as a detailed plan about how to achieve those goals. After the course, I've definitely been putting my money to work!

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